Affinity will step you through all there is to know about borrowing money and how to set this up to save the most money along the way.

New Build Finance

When looking to build a new home there are already so many decision to make, why make trying to find the best finance another one. At Affinity we have a knowledgeable adviser team that can assist you with all areas of build finance. Everything from Fixed Price contract builds to self-managed builds is possible, we are here to guide you through the finance process to make your build an enjoyable one.

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First Home Buyers

First home purchasing can often be a daunting process with all the information required to purchase for your first time. Affinity has four qualified Financial Advisers who are here to assist and step you through the first home buying process. When we work with a client, we like to break the process down into bite size steps to make our buyers well educated and informed.

Our initial meeting will be centered around understanding your goals and your current financial position so we can best advise who may be better suited to assist with your pre-approval. We work closely with you to gain a suitable pre-approval and then begin to talk about the mortgage and how best to make offers on a property. We are here to hold your hand through the process, so it becomes stress free and enjoyable. Lastly once you have purchased the home, we are here to guide you with financial knowledge to assist you in setting up a loan that will suit your goals.

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Purchasing an investment property or conducting an investment development is an exciting step for many. This is the time in their life where they are starting to look at the bigger picture of financial freedom in the future and utilising investments to help achieve their goals.

An investment property can be a great vehicle to help achieve this goal as the asset derives a passive income and generally appreciates in value over the long run. The key is understanding how we can make an investment purchase a reality and what are your options for finance when purchasing an investment?

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Refinance, Top-Ups & Loan Structure

A lot of work goes into setting up the mortgage initially, but we think it is so important to constantly review your mortgage to ensure you are gaining a market competitive deal. Over the course of your mortgage, you will have multiple interest rates and your financial situation and goals will change through the years. Having a professional work alongside you will help ensure your mortgage is working in harmony with your day-to-day life.

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