Refinance, Top-Ups & Loan Structure

A lot of work goes into setting up the mortgage initially, but we think it is so important to constantly review your mortgage to ensure you are gaining a market competitive deal. Over the course of your mortgage, you will have multiple interest rates and your financial situation and goals will change through the years. Having a professional work alongside you will help ensure your mortgage is working in harmony with your day-to-day life.


The mortgage market is very competitive as lenders are always looking to support new application and new business to their bank. Often, we see instances where interest rates are discounted, and a legal/ cash contribution is offered for new business. It is our approach with clients that we always want to ensure your mortgage is market competitive. If for any reason your current loan provider is not providing the service, interest or deal you desire then we can assist in refinancing your mortgage to a more supportive lender.

Loan Structure

Setting up your mortgage can often be overwhelming with all the different interest rate and product options. Sitting down and gaining some product and industry advice from a financial adviser is a great step to make sure you set your mortgage up to accommodate your goals. In this meeting we will give you suggestions and insight into the economic scenarios present, as we relate this back to your personal position and derive a loan structure to suit your needs.

Top Ups

Sometimes in life the unexpected happens. Often these unexpected events can be associated with the need to find urgent finance. Affinity can help our clients process top up requests where we lend against your current home to obtain funding. Top Up funding can include renovations, debt consolidation, heating & healthy homework, vehicle finance etc.