We have the ability to cover all kinds of life scenarios with insurance. When asking how much is required it is really important to have a review with advisers like us who can give you informed advice around what your current risks, and how best to protect them. We are quick to insure our house, contents, and car but we hesitate on life insurance. There is nothing more important than your families’ health and financial security. We can help put the steps in place to protect your future.

Life Insurance

Is my family going to be ok if I am no longer here?

The loss of a loved one will never be an easy time for any family.  However whist dealing with a family bereavement the last thing we want families stressing about are the houses holds expenses. Products like Survivors income and Life insurance can ensure the family can take the appropriate time to commemorate and mourn their loss without the worry of bills and financial stress. As a family pillar it is important you look at options to support the family structure should the worse happen.

Trauma, Income & Mortgage Protection

If I cannot work how will I pay the bills?

Sometime we are hit by unexpected curve balls that result in us being unable to work for a period of time. The unfortunate thing is the bills do not stop and can compound when off work and not earning your regular wage. There are insurances we can put in place to protect your income and mortgage repayments in the event you are unable to work. Your income and ability to earn is your greatest asset so why not protect it!

health insurance

Key Person Cover

Can my business survive without me in it?

Is your business dependent on you to survive? What would happen to your business if you were unable to work for a period of time? What could you do to make sure you have a profitable business to come back too?

Business insurance can help protect the business. We have the ability to inject money into the business to keep things afloat whilst you are off. This can either help pay your income or pay a wage so you can employ someone to run things in your absence. Each business is different; therefore very important each is assessed individually for the correct insurance product.

Health Insurance

Do I have cover to access the best treatment & cover?

Each insurer is different, and some insurers cover more areas than others. It is really important when reviewing different insurances that the key products are included within your policy. Do you need optical or dental? Does your insurer cover the majority of Trauma definitions? Do you have access to Non-Pharmac drug treatment? It is important you get answers to the important questions.